hey christina,

i decided to keep this really simple. i was not quite sure where to go with this so what i've done is just put together an collection of thoughts i had after thinking about your website and your work. i hope you find these things enjoyable, i had fun putting this together.

this is on layers, and floating..

meromictic lakes:

A meromictic lake is a lake which has layers of water that do not intermix. In ordinary, holomictic lakes, at least once each year, there is a physical mixing of the surface and the deep waters.

they look really pretty too, the way the light reflects off the layers of water, makes them appear shades of green.

this one really reminds me of some of your work..

on felt..

this is kind of a fun one.. i really liked your felt project. i think i may still try filling a crack with some felt in the future. i'm a really mechanically minded person so oddly one thing i got curious about is how is felt made? if i do get to fill in some spots with felt i'll share some pictures :)

on bending..

here are two "explain to me like i'm 5" posts from reddit. i grabbed these because even though i was a physicist, i still find these explanations fantastic. i wanted to share these because it's about bending materials. one is about how planets, stars and blackholes, and various collisions of these things can cause ripples in spacetime. which scientists successfully measured a few years ago using "LIGO". these are called gravity waves.

the other is about gravitational lensing, which is bending of light due to gravity.